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Lore = Stories

Folk = Regional People

Spark Curiosity. Celebrate Heritage. Create Experiences.

The annual FOLKLORE by Fresco event honors and celebrates the influence and contributions of the Latino community in Kansas City by bringing together artists, entrepreneurs, organizations, business owners, young professionals, and the community at large during

Hispanic Heritage Month. 


 “Folklore is informally learned, unofficial knowledge about the world, ourselves, and our communities, our beliefs, our cultures, and our traditions that is expressed creatively through words, music, customs, actions, behaviors, and materials. It is also the interactive, dynamic process of creating, communicating, and performing as we share that knowledge with other people.”


Grant Program

In 2022, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Wells Fargo and Fresco Marketing partnered to take this celebration a step further and create a greater impact in the community.

Together, we have created the “Folklore Grant Program”. This year, the partnership is pleased to announce that we will be awarding Ten (10) $10,000 grants to Hispanic owned businesses in the Kansas City Metro area.

Tel: 816-332-7302

1828 Walnut St 3rd floor, Kansas City, MO 64108

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