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Kansas City Royals: Reaching the Hispanic Market


The Kansas City Royals, a Major League Baseball team, recognized the potential to deepen their engagement with the local Hispanic community within their designated market area (DMA). This case study outlines the market research initiative Fresco undertook to understand the preferences of the Hispanic audience, their connection with the Royals, and to develop strategies for expanding the fan base while fostering inclusivity.

Client Background

The Kansas City Royals, founded in 1969, have been an integral part of the Kansas City sports landscape. With a strong local fan base, the Royals sought to enhance their outreach to the Hispanic community, which constitutes a significant portion of the local population.

Project Overview

The primary goal of the market research project was to gain comprehensive insights into the Hispanic audience's preferences, motivations, and communication preferences. With Hispanics making up 10% of the local population in the Kansas City metro area, despite comprising only 5% of the Royals' fan base, there was a clear opportunity to bridge the gap and establish a stronger connection with this demographic.

Objective and Goals

The Kansas City Royals set forth a comprehensive objective to thoroughly understand the Hispanic audience within Kansas City and their DMA, encompassing their defining characteristics, motivators, and communication preferences.

Their aim was to gather strategic insights that will empower them to effectively engage and authentically connect with the Hispanic community. Beyond proactive efforts to expand the fan base within the Hispanic demographic, the team is committed to establishing enduring relationships that extend beyond the current season.

This initiative underscores their dedication to laying down foundational strategies for long-term engagement and community support. It solidifies their place as an integral part of the Kansas City sports landscape.


Our approach involved a multi-step process to gain a deep understanding of the Latino audience and effectively engage with them. 

Focus Groups
  • Our approach initiated with the organization of three local focus groups in Kansas City, each targeting distinct segments of the Latino community. These segments include the average resident, casual sports enthusiasts, and avid baseball fans. Additionally, we extend our focus to an out-of-market group in Omaha.

Online Survey
  • Additionally, the project incorporated an online survey that gathered 140 responses from a diverse group of participants. This survey provided quantitative data to validate insights gained during the focus groups, creating a more comprehensive understanding of the Latino community's perspectives and preferences.

DMA Research
  • The project involved researching and securing data insights focused on the team's designated market area (DMA) to analyze relevant demographic and behavioral information about the Hispanic community.

Findings and Recommendations
  • The next phase involved synthesizing findings from focus groups and surveys to understand the Latino community's attitudes, interests, and cultural nuances. This informs tailored strategies for engaging and connecting with the Hispanic community in Kansas City and beyond.

Findings and Recommendations

The findings uncovered some promising aspects: Hispanics hold a positive view of the Royals' brand, signaling a solid foundation for deeper connections. However, there's a clear call for inclusivity across diverse Latino groups, highlighting a need for broader recognition and involvement.

Locals strongly identify with the Royals, presenting an opportunity to cultivate a dedicated fan base. Family and community values emerged as pivotal drivers, underlining the significance of tailoring initiatives to resonate with these core principles.

Moving forward, recommendations urge leveraging social media platforms effectively and addressing language preferences authentically to foster genuine engagement. Exploring new markets like Omaha and championing cultural initiatives also emerged as key strategies for growth and connection.

Results and Impact

The market research initiative provided the Royals with valuable insights to better align with local demographics and build a more profound connection with the community.

Armed with these insights, the Royals partnered with Fresco Marketing to launch the "Nos Vemos En El K" campaign for the 2024 season, tailored specifically to resonate with Hispanic fans. This initiative represents a proactive response to the findings, aiming to foster inclusivity, authenticity, and resonance with the community's values.

The collaboration between the Royals and Fresco Marketing stands as a testament to the team's commitment to embracing diversity, fostering cultural appreciation, and solidifying its position as a beloved institution within Kansas City and the Midwest.


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